Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to my first blog!

This has taken me much longer to set up than it should have, but here it is. I know we live in the world of websites, blogs, etc., but if you don't grow up with it, you must learn it. I want to take this opportunity to introduce our company to all dog, cat, and horse lovers out there. We are a small business that does much of it's business either on-line or traveling to dog shows and personalizing the products we sell on site. Our product line includes over 240 dog breed ornaments that are made to order and personalized with the dog's name, kennel name, or any other information requested. At the shows we sell crate tags, pet i.d. tags, engrave brushes, and do custom work for club trophies. This can include anything from using the club logo in an ornament to creating picture frames specially designed according to the club's requests.


  1. congratulation on your first post and this new blog!


  2. Congrats on the new blog, you're off to a good start!!

  3. Thanks, all the communication we can get between fellow bloggers will definitely help.

  4. hello from a fellow new blogger - it's a whole new world, huh? look forward to getting to know each other better